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Sunday, 1 November 2009


Hello! How are we all? Good I hope?

Well where do I start?! The single (Halo) is out to buy, we're in the top 10 vinyl chart being held off the number one spot by the peter pan of pop................Cliff Richard (if only there was some way to tap into the blue rinse brigade market, we'd be rich I tell you!).

Well it's back to some form of normality after being out on the road. I write to you all from my sick bed. The tour she is a cruel mistress! While treating myself and the band to night after night of pleasures and parties, it seems it has all caught up with me and in the words of a wise man called Damon Albarn "Im paying the price of living life to the limit". Thank you to everyone who came out to see and support us up and down the country, I can honestly speak on behalf of all the band when I say we had the time of our lives.

A lot of exciting things are coming very soon, so keep your ears to the ground. We'll be starting youth:club club nights on a regular basis, so dust of your dancing shoes people!

Well I'll love you and leave you. Stay safe, until next time.

Ilan & the them:youth boys

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